Welcome to your new "Expanded Experience" compact disc.

This CD utilizes exclusive Cd3 technology by SunnComm, Inc. to "open the door" to exciting new dimensions of digital entertainment. You're about to experience Compact Disc entertainment like you never have before.

You've probably already noticed our "Expanded Experience Ladybug Logo". Whenever you see that logo, it's your assurance that you've purchased a legitimate, first-quality CD with the added bonus features of Cd3 technology. You get to experience the music just the way the artist intended.

While this CD will play automatically in any standard CD player, it does require specific digital files to play on your computer. To insure optimum quality and playability of all of the content included on this CD, the CD is configured to automatically run a quick series of simple functions, including a search for the proper digital "keys" for this system, and the automatic copying of your music onto your computer's hard drive. In other words, the CD does all your set-up work for you!


Note: Your computer must have a software music player capable of playing protected Windows Media Audio and Windows Media Video (WMA & WMV), such as Microsoft Windows Media Player Version 7. If you do not have such a player, please visit the following website to obtain an upgrade:


The CD will access and deliver your digital keys and content via a secure music delivery system. Just let the CD "do it's thing", then kick back and enjoy the ride!

The downloading of the licensed digital content signifies your acceptance of certain general Business Rules. These rules govern the use of the copyrighted materials that make up the digital content (the music, lyrics, photos, video, and other digital components) of the CD.

The Business Rules
  1. Downloading and Use of Digital Content Files:
    1. You may only download and use the digital keys on a personal computer designated for your own private use.
    2. Other than your PC, you may only use the content on compliant software players and/or compliant portable devices.
    3. The PC, software players, and portable devices must be compliant with current security standards and compatible with the technology that is used to access, deliver, and secure the content.

Your PC should automatically inform you if the above conditions do not exist.

The Standard "Check-In - Check-Out" Process: With Cd3 Technology, you have the functionality to easily access your new digital tracks for enjoyment on your portable digital devices. You have the capability to "check-out" up to three tracks at a time. Simply "check back in" the tracks you have out to make 3 more selections available. Thank you for your purchase of this "expanded experience" CD. We hope you have as much fun playing it as we had putting it together for you.

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